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Winner Best Self Produced CD from Cascade Blues Association (2016)

"Oregon-based rock and bluesman Big Al Carter continues to stockpile rave reviews and Triple A radio airplay nationwide. With a new
killer album, Fresh Blues, that electrifies with an authentic rock & roll heart as well as a vintage blues spirit. Big Al is on the verge of
becoming, well, bigger. Before stardom hits, Big Al gave the opportunity to peek into his guitar case."
Michael Sutton,, Interview

"This is classic rock and blues, all soulful and gritty. Al’s voice, throaty and raw, is masculinity defined."
Kirby Raine, Shotgun Reviews

"One thing is for sure, Big Al has quite the voice. Unlike other modern rock and blues musicians who try to ape the gravelly passion of
their ancestors, Big Al can actually summon the 3 a.m. emotions of the greats. And, that my friend, is not hype; it is the shattering truth."
Adam Harrington, Whisperin & Hollerin, UK

"Sensational vocals, rhythmic guitar and vibrant stage presence."
Greg Johnson, President Cascade Blues Association, Portland, Oregon