I am honored to be surrounded by some of the best talent in the Pacific Northwest and a Grammy winner too.

Jim Fielder – Bass Guitar. 1967-1974 Blood, Sweat, & Tears (1969 Grammy: Album of the Year), 1967 Buffalo Springfield,
1966 The Mothers of Invention.
Robbie Laws - Lead Guitar. Cascade Blues Association Muddy Hall of Fame.
Jim Mesi – Lap Steel Guitar. Cascade Blues Association Muddy Hall of Fame.
DK Stewart – Piano. Cascade Blues Association Muddy Hall of Fame.
Louis Pain – B3 Organ and Piano. Formerly with the Paul deLay Band.
Bonnie Lee Bluestone – Keyboards & Accordion.
Backup Vocals - LaRhonda Steele, Valerie Mitchell, Arietta Ward.
Sonny Boyardee - Bass Guitar.
Drums - Drawback Slim.
And…that is me Allan Carter - (Big Al) Vocals & Guitar & Harmonica & Jew's Harp

From the cover of a magazine:

A big voice. A big show. That's BIG AL CARTER. He is one of the freshest, most original and highest energy showmen to
emerge on the Portland Oregon music scene in many years. His stage charisma and presence are not only taking Portland,
but the international music scene by storm.  With his raw power and appeal, audiences and listeners are drawn to his
sound and energy both live on stage and on his CD’s. Rooted in the Portland blues scene, BIG AL has developed a unique
sound that includes both a soulful and hard rockin' flavor at the same time.  Not limited by just the blues, BIG AL
incorporates rock, swing, gospel and most importantly soul into his sound. A band of some of the highest caliber hired-gun
musicians in the Pacific Northwest musically support him. Add in his natural charismatic stage personality and energy and
you have a musical and show product that is irresistible!  Vocalist,  frontman and rhythm guitarist, BIG AL also plays the
blues harmonica and even a Jew's harp. A guitar player since the age of eight, BIG AL cut his teeth in the entertainment
industry playing and fronting for numerous rock bands around the San Francisco area in the 80's performing everything
from Neil Young to 80's big hair bands. In the 90's he developed a vocal style with a cross of Rod Stewart and Bob Seger
with a blues feel. He fronted several more rock bands always playing rhythm guitar, harmonica and singing. Formerly a dot.
com Silicon Valley Business Executive, he decided he had to get out of town.  He consequently left the hustle of Silicon
Valley and moved to the Portland area with its powerful music scene and attractive quality of life. He since has dived head
first into the Portland music scene, particularly paying his dues and showing high respect for the exceptional level of
Portland's blues scene. Consequently, he's garnered considerable help and made many contacts who have guided and
helped him along with his plan and musical vision. Like any successful business executive, BIG AL approaches the music
business with a solid business plan and vision for success. He firmly believes that if you haven't got a  winning plan and
business model, then your company (in this case the band) and product (the show and his music) can never hope to
succeed. The key to his plan and success is the people around him. He makes it clear that any successful executive will
always surround himself with the very best people he can find. It's a simple equation. Get the very best people on board
and let them perform to their very best with a winning team attitude. And the very best musicians are who BIG AL has
recruited for his backing band.  The line-up is a who's who of top talent. His first CD "Soul Blue" has been getting air play
nationally along with indie and college radio stations and international stations in European markets such as Poland,
Belgium and France. Magazine reviews have provided strong endorsements of his musical power and charisma.
About Big Al