Big Al
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Rootstime Belgium
Carter, I stopped and listened. I will try and describe the reason, but probably are not giving all the the
original vocals and the way Big Al stamped all 11 numbers with class and Blues with a plus. Starting with
#1 "Movin On" written by Guitarist by his side Robbie Laws to #11 "River City Blues" again from the
same Robbie Laws, this CD leaves you breathless. I find how the band plays the number "Walkin Blues"
can write songs. Listen to songs like " Beale Street Boogie" and what did you think of "Vacant Chair,"
both songs have very good arraignments. A lot of info is not available online about Allen Carter,
therefore I have to do with the short Bio about him on the CD. Big Al got his first acoustic guitar when
he was 8 and his first electric guitar when he turned 16. He played with a lot of different bands since
High School especially vocal and on the guitar. Later he moved from Silicon Valley, Ca to Portland , Or.
where he bettered himself more to blues.With one purpose in mind, to produce his own CD in the same
circle with well known blues musicians.The result needs to be heard. Don't expect flashy names you
know, besides maybe Jeff Barnes (leadguitar) and Paul Delay (Bluesharp). Every musician shines on
this CD, as well as the rhythm section, as every soloist. To end this discussion I would advise everyone
to listen to the CD, it is by far the better CD of 2007.

And to all the organizers: Bring this man to Europe please.