Big Al Carter

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Portland Oregon-based bluesman Big Al continues to stockpile rave reviews and Triple A radio airplay nationwide, there might be only one way to define what the Big
in Big Al means. With a killer debut album, Soul Blue, that electrifies with an authentic rock & roll heart as well as a vintage blues spirit, Big Al is on the verge of
becoming, well, bigger. Before stardom hits, Big Al gave the opportunity to peek into his guitar case.
Interview with Big Al          
Written by Michael Sutton  

"One thing is for sure, Big Al has quite the voice. Unlike other modern rock and blues musicians who try to ape the gravelly passion of their ancestors, Big Al can
actually summon the 3 a.m. emotions of the greats. And, that my friend, is not hype; it is the shattering truth. Big Al is as inspired by classic soul as he is by the blues.
That comes across vividly in his vocals, especially on the cover of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me," which is less nostalgic here and more melancholic. That alone is a
bracing change of pace. Imagine that: Somebody covering "Stand By Me" who isn't trying to imitate King. Instead, Big Al makes it his own, as if the song was written for
him to sing. But let's get to the blues which Big Al does so well. In fact, it's going to be hard for you to find a blues disc as consistently solid as this. The potent "Mother
in Law Blues" and the dramatic "Vacant  Chair" will knock the whiskey from your lungs. The production is just right, putting Big Al's two-fisted voice in front of the mix
without any added artificial ingredients."
Adam Harrington, Whisperin & Hollerin, UK

"This is classic rock and blues, all soulful and gritty. Al’s voice, throaty and raw, is masculinity defined. In the case of Big Al, it’s the power of his performance. His
vocals carry weight and express passion; there’s fire in those lungs. Analyzing a blues record can be rather pointless because this is an emotional, not an intellectual,
exercise. On that level, Big Al hits the right heart keys, especially on “Mother in Law Blues” and “Movin’ On.” The surprising cover of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”
nearly tops the original with its blistering voice work. While King’s version was blissfully sentimental, Big Al reveals the longing at the lyrics’ core."
Kirby Raine, Shotgun Reviews

"Sensational vocals, rhythmic guitar and vibrant stage presence."
Greg Johnson, President Cascade Blues Association, Portland, Oregon

"When listening to a CD it does not happen too often that I stop and really listen. Even though a lot of CD's are produced lately. With his first CD Big Al, his real name is
Allan Carter, I stopped and listened. I will try and describe the reason, but probably are not giving all the accolades it deserves. In other words everybody should at
least listen to it or buy it. Even if it was for the original vocals! I would advise everyone to listen to the CD, it is by far the better CD of 2007."
Blueswalker, Rootstime, Belgium

"Very, Very good. I particularly like the vocal sounds he's got." Listen to Big Al on KMHD River City Blues.
Brad Lee Brenner,
KMHD FM Live From The River City Juke Joint, Gresham, Oregon.

"Big Al is a sharp-dressed man. He’s large and in-charge and on stage he is clearly the consummate director. The man has a 50,000 watt smile, a manic Cheshire cat
grin that dominates his face whenever he’s on stage. One mind-bogglingly consummate entertainer"
Ardis Hedrick, Positively Entertainment, Vancouver, Washington.

“The vocals are amazing and unique.”
Przemek Draheim, DJ for 2 radio shows in Poland, Radio Sfera and Radio Brawo 92.8 FM in Ciechocinek (Poland). It's called “Z
Bluesem na Ty” (“Blues 4 U”). Contributor to the “Living Blues” magazine's radio charts. Poland.

"Even if he couldn't sing, the man would still be entertaining. He has a knack of being able to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand with a velvet touch that grips them
in a very intense way."
Bonnie Carter, Editor, Positively Entertainment, Vancouver, Washington.

**COVER STORY** He’s one of the freshest, most original and highest energy showmen to emerge on the Portland music scene in many years.
Kurt "Swingcat" Johnson, Positively Entertainment, Vancouver Washington.

“Your CD is GREAT!”
Ray Pieters, DJ, Golden Flash Radio, Belgium

"It's a great album. And always a pleasure to hear Paul deLay on harp"
Art Hooker, KBMC FM, Yellowstone Radio Blue Light Boogie , Billings, Montana.

"Nice CD"
Ellen Rocco, Station Manager, North Country Public Radio, Canton, NY.

“It’s illegal in most states to have that much fun. He lights up the stage. His high energy show gets folks to the dance floor and Big Al is all over the stage and in the
Stephanie Diaz, Writer, Cascade Blues Association, Portland, Oregon.

"Unlike the dangerous gangster of the ‘30s, this big-un was all heart and perpetual smile as he played his guitar in gleaming gladness brighter than the main spotlight
of the house"
Alex Fontana, Positively Entertainment, Vancouver, Washington